Your kitchen pantry cabinet is not just a stack of shelves for storing your food stocks on, it is also an item of furniture. As it is probably going to be installed in your kitchen it will be in plain sight and needs to not only be functional but look good too. That means choosing colors that match or complement your existing decor and quality materials such as oak to ensure that your new kitchen storage does not look cheap, but blends into the look of the rest of your kitchen and house.

Consider whether your new kitchen pantry cabinet will have glass-fronted doors or whether they will be wood-faced and the food items invisible inside. You may be buying it in order to keep your kitchen clutter-free and don't want to be able to see all those cans and pasta packets inside, in which case a closed design will be for you. On other hand, maybe you prefer to see exactly where things are before you even open your cabinet and you like the homely look of all those food stocks peeping out from your cupboard.

Another important consideration is placement - will the cabinet be placed against a wall? Or will it be placed so that it cannot rely on a wall for stability? In the latter case you may want to make sure you are getting a free-standing cabinet.

Another popular spot for pantry cabinets is in a corner, but then you will certainly want to consider a corner cabinet as a regular one may not work at all in this location, since the door will not be able to open, or you will not be able to access it properly.

There is also a type of cabinet called a 'Lazy Suzan', with a kind of turntable arrangement whereby you can rotate the 'shelves' to access what you want, though remember here that you will lose some space due to the circular shape, so there is a tradeoff.

Hopefully you have picked up some ideas that will help you choose the pantry cabinet that's right for you and your food reserves will soon be hidden safely away in your new kitchen storage!

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