Every office needs furniture. But, while a typical city office will be filled with light desks and cushioned plastic chairs, the office at home can afford to sport more comfortable and more impressive items. And, office furniture made from oak is amongst the most impressive on offer.

While furniture for the office is primarily functional, the effect that oak wood has on a room is remarkable, with the natural wood grain promoting a calmer office atmosphere. Even the normally chaotic splash of files, notebooks, pens and staplers that might be found on a busy work desk seems less extreme when the desk itself is of oak. Cabinets, shelves and bookcases all have that extra quality too, thanks to the effect that oak, stained or otherwise, has.

Nevertheless, for all office furniture there are priorities and factors to consider before finally selecting it. Here are three of the principal requirements that affect consumers when they are looking for computer desks, the central item of furniture in the modern home office.

Storage Space

When it comes to desks for the office PC, it is ideal that both drawers and cabinets are provided. It does depend on the size of the desk, but drawers can be positioned both on the left and right pedestals. The number of drawers can be as many as two or three in each pedestal, though cabinets may be included also.

However, while it is generally common in larger models, the smaller desk sizes will usually concentrate their drawers on one pedestal. All of the drawers, of course, should be of ample size to house the light folders and papers of differing sizes, larger than the stereotypical A4 sizes that we are so familiar with. They should also be able to slide open and slide closed with ease and have a locking facility to ensure security. The cabinets, meanwhile, should be designed to keep items such as briefcases, bags or various work related items, perhaps even a small office safe.

But, with PC desks, there is a more pressing need, namely keeping the computer unit neatly out of sight and safe from the risk of damage. To this end, the cabinet in the right pedestal usually is higher and, sometimes, slimmer than that on the left pedestal.

However, there should be plenty of space around the PC to ensure the best possible ventilation. The heat generated by the unit can build up inside the oak walls, and this can damage the unit as a result. It may in time also cause some damage to the inside walls of the cabinet.

Leg Room

For those who must sit at a desk to work, having sufficient leg room is important for two reasons. Firstly, comfort. If we are not comfortable at work then it is difficult to concentrate on what we are doing, which only puts the quality of work at risk. This can also place unnecessary strain on health, with back pain, neck pain and other aches caused if the dimensions of the desk do no suit. Secondly, the practical advantages of the desk are negated if the occupant cannot get in or out of the seating area easily.

It is essential then, that sufficient leg room is provided. When it comes to choosing an office desk, it means being sure to sit at it before deciding. Oak desks are grander in design than some of the cheaper options, and as such typically provide a greater degree of leg room.


Lastly, strength and durability are also very important. This is because the computer desk is specifically designed to support many items, both on its top board and in its drawers and cabinets. After all, desks are working furniture pieces, not just positioned in the corner of a room, as is the case with many living room pieces. With that in mind, it can suffer more than the average rate of wear and tear.

While bookcases in an office many typically suffer less, choosing office oak furniture is the best decision to make. This is because of the natural durability that oak has, ensuring that the furniture pieces itself last for a considerable length of time. It is true of all office furniture, not just the desk on which the computer is placed.

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Oak Furniture Solutions, a family run business, based in Bristol that supplies quality oak, pine and ash furniture. As well as offering a high level of service, Oak Furniture Solutions mission is to bring you great quality furniture at the lowest possible price whilst maintaining quick delivery times and offering the most complete range of products including bookcases, beds, dressing tables and office oak furniture such as computer desks.

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