Working from home is a dream for many, and is becoming a reality for more and more people as traditional job structures change, and as an increasing number of internet-based opportunities become available. But working from home can be inconvenient or uncomfortable if your home office feels crowded or cluttered. For the ideal remote work set up, you need home office furniture that’s comfortable, space efficient and stylish. Here are some simple guidelines to help you find the perfect home office furniture for your needs.

Space is the primary issue for most home offices. Often, a home office needs to be multifunctional. Whether your home office doubles as a guestroom, craft room or even a family room, you need furniture that’s versatile and functional. Additionally, your office furniture should never make you feel cramped. Remember, the more practical and efficient your workspace, the more practical and efficient your work habits will be.

Home Office Desks

When you’re shopping for a home office desk, look for models that have additional shelving for a phone, fax, printer and files. Vertical shelving can be a tremendous space saver for every home office.

It’s also wise to choose a desk on wheels. A portable workstation gives you the flexibility to move your desk into the corner or up against a different wall when you need additional space. If you’re a laptop user, consider a convenient laptop caddy. These small, lightweight desks securely hold your computer while providing a comfortable, portable workspace.

Health experts recommend that those who work on computers for long periods elevate their feet using a small stool throughout the day. This helps to promote healthy circulation and prevents aches and fatigue. For your home office, consider using a small, multifunctional stool that has an inside compartment for storage. You can keep CDs, extra pens and other useful office supplies out of the way to prevent clutter.

Home Office Chairs

Office chairs with ergonomic designs are great for your back and can reduce tension and aches throughout your workday. Furthermore, you can find them in a wide variety of styles and designs, many of which have clever space saving functions. Look for ergonomic chairs with back storage pockets and armrest cup holders, for example. You can also create your own customized chair with storage pockets that you can strap on to the side or back of your chair. This gives you even more control over your workspace, and lets you put storage compartments in the most convenient places possible.

Home Office File Cabinets

A file cabinet can provide you with storage for your files, notebooks, and supplies. It can also provide an additional hard surface to work on when you need to maximize your workspace. File cabinets are available in several colors and styles. They can be made of wood, metal, or another material such as fiberboard.

Home Office Storage Solutions

Desk caddies are great for organizing and sorting loose papers, bills, important messages, pencils, pens, markers, letter openers, staplers, paper clips, stamps, stationary and other office essentials. These convenient little tools can help you stay organized and prevent desk clutter, which can make it difficult to focus.

Stackable bins and tote boxes are great space savers and super organizers when used in home offices. As an added perk, these bins and boxes come in a wide array of colors so you can add some personality to your home office.

Wall hooks, over the door hangers and shelves can help keep the things you use frequently from overtaking your working surfaces and the floor. Using your walls for additional storage is a great space saving technique that can make even the smallest spaces feel open and spacious.

A leather or fabric covered bench with hidden storage can serve two purposes in your home office. It can store office supplies and also function as comfortable seating for clients and visitors. There are different heights and lengths of storage benches to choose from. Of course, it’s a good idea to measure your space before making a purchase.

Space saving home office furniture can help you create a serene workspace where you can really focus on important tasks. Whether you need a desk, office chair, filing cabinet or other storage solutions, it’s important to look for the most space efficient products available. Again, making smart use of your vertical wall space can do wonders in this regard. Take the time to shop around to look for the best deals, and be sure to look online for discounts and sales. Make the most out of your work space with functional, attractive, and space-saving home office furniture today.

Mike Cole is a freelance writer who writes about decorating, often focusing on a specific kind of item such as office furniture.

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