Can anyone recomend some good inexspensive cabinets for storage

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4 Responses to Where can I find good cheap cabinets. I’m looking to put cabinets in my garage for storage only.?

  1. foley says:

    I have a cabinet store and we will sometimes order incorrectly or left overs from Jobs, they just accumulate and then you dont need or sell them. Also when we do rehabs we rip out old cabinets that can be salvaged. So I would check with local cabinet store and then Habitat for humanity.

  2. kenbgray says:

    Try sears and roebuck or grossmans outlet store.

  3. Eric R says:

    also try going to cabinet shop and asking

  4. PAUL A says:

    We have a used household goods depot locally called "The ReStore", a part of Habitat for Humanity.
    Buy some old kitchen cabiniets, and you're stylin'!
    My friend just did that to his garage, added a cold water sink from the garage spigot to go in his bar with mini fridge, and added a Layboy from the SallyAnn, and he can watch the game on the used TV with a smoke.

    It's his own little paradise now, with his tools right beside.

    Amazing what $500.00 and an imagination can do!!
    GO FOR IT!!

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