Gladiator is a nice line, but expensive. I see they have a cheaper line called Gladiator Cadet. They look very similar to STACK ON. Does anyone know if they are made by the same company? I'd like to buy some garage style cabinets because a rolling tool box like Craftsman really won't work in my garage. Anyone know which brand(s) I should stay away from. You can't always believe the reviews that are posted on the companies web-sites. Thanks.

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One Response to Whats your opinion on Garage/Tools storage cabinets?

  1. hotdogseeksbun says:

    You get what you pay for.
    If you need simple storage for household goods,cheap cabinets are fine.
    If your garage is also a workshop finer cabinets are needed.
    If moisture and high humidity are a problem the plastic cabinets won't rust.
    If you are at all handy find someone remodeling there kitchen and buy there old cabinets,don't worry about there finish you can simply paint them.
    Metal cabinets offer bettor security locks and very loud if someone tries to break in.Sometimes used office furniture stores have these at a low price.

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