I've looked at Home Depot, Lowes, Osh- the usual suspects. Does anyone have other recos, even online sites, where I can get garage cabinets for cheap in the SF Bay Area, preferable the South Bay? I'm not looking for anything fancy, simple white cabinets will do.

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2 Responses to What’s a good place to buy garage cabinets for cheap in the Bay Area?

  1. Rosco Turnbuckle says:

    call up a construction company that installs cabinets in new subdivisions. They always have cabinets that have been pulled out because of upgrades and such.Also go on craigslist in your area(craigslist.com) and you can always place a wanted ad for used cabinets because there is always someone upgrading their kitchens and waht not and most times they will give them away.That is how I built my great work shop that I have for my wood working.

    Hope this helps


  2. Theresa V says:

    I joined a Yahoo free cycle group in my area...Ohio ....don't know if California has them . . . but people give unwanted items away free. You just advertise what you are looking for, or state what you have to give .....you'll get e-mails on the items . . . Hey, what's cheaper than free ? ? ?

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