anyone know where to shop for affordable garage storage systems. I like units they sell at Sears by Craftsmen and Gladiator but they are out of my price range. I've checked Home Depot and Menards already. I don't want rubbermaid type. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Joseph C says:

    Home Depot

  2. T C says:

  3. brainfreezeduponme says:



  4. Chuck P says:

    Check with a local kitchen remodelers in your area, they may have some old cupboards they can reuse for your garage and you can save a bunch on them, they would also have some good suggestions for new if that's what you prefer. Good luck

  5. at_work_sleeping says:


  6. Mrs. Mingus says:

    The cheapest thing I have seen that is super heavy duty are these Costco-esque shelving units called Gorilla Rack. There are lots of other brands like this, too. They are basically metal frames that fit adjustable shelves made out of heavy-duty particleboard. See the link for a picture. They sell these at Costco and OSH most of the time.

    Another option is to buy lumber and rent a circular saw, and build it yourself. Ask a teen or retired neighbor to help out for a little cash.

  7. Bob C says:

    In many metropolitan areas you can find used office furniture at reasonable prices. A good workbench is an old steel desk. Cut a piece of plywood to fit the top. Old file cabinets make for good storage. Use two of the two drawer type as a base for a workbench. Also, check Goodwill etc. and see if there is a company in your area that remodels hotel/motel rooms. They sell the old furniture real cheap.

  8. yaska says:

    Why not try a used office equipment auction or store and buy filing cabinets for storage and a suitable desk as a workbench. The filing cabinets can be painted any colour to match your garage decor.

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