Please Help! I need some markting ideas!, I wanna run a christmas ad for my custom closet business in Chicago, I want something "catchy" the name of the business is Ideal Closets and I need to generate some leads for christmas and the new year!

6 Responses to I need a Christmas advertising slogan for my custom closets business! The business name is Ideal Closets?

  1. Diane B says:

    Santa loves his Ideal Closets -- they have a place for everything!

  2. Jen says:

    While Santa traditionally comes down the chimmney, the "Ideal" place he should use is the closet.

  3. Tina J says:

    What you want under the tree !

  4. dee says:

    I'm sure you will get better ones than this but here ya go;

    Santa wouldn't hang his Red Velvet suit in just any old closet.
    He knows he needs a closet that is Ideal for his needs
    Not to mention Mrs. Claus loves the high quality and craftsmanship, that even the elves are jealous of.
    Closets only from "Ideal Closets" its what's on Santa's wish list this year.

  5. nena21 says:

    Santa has been sited at Ideal Closets and he's makin his way through the store, so if you dont wanna miss out on all those wonderful holiday gifts this year come to the place where the big man himself shops, Ideal Closets.

  6. keithshearing says:

    All you need for Christmas is a Closet.
    Ideal would be good!

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