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26 Responses to Closet Organization Tips/ My set up

  1. SKTPSY says:

    bad video skills

  2. leilak778 says:

    <3 u closet <3 :)

  3. lisac191919 says:

    she doesnt fold any shirt at all??hangs em all?? wow...oh and i think the rug really 'crowds' the space. it could look a little bigger without it i think

  4. TropicalFruity07 says:

    are those silly necklace? lol

  5. LadyMcMee says:

    You say "stuff" a lot :/

  6. charmed1293 says:

    @andreitanaj the manolo's? yah they do!! but a lot of shoes come in that style nowadays!

  7. pookeyluvs12 says:

    This was very very helpful thanks soooo much 😀

  8. jamminsamie says:

    what do you do with accessories?!

  9. MissMelanieMoss says:

    I LOVE your necklace! Where is it from? And your closet is sooo cute, thanks for sharing!

  10. MissMelanieMoss says:

    I LOVE that necklace! Where is it from/who is the designer?? And your closet is sooo cute, thanks for sharing!

  11. MimosaFun says:

    I'm going to pick up those shoe containers for the floor, thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. empressjulz says:

    great tips. i adore your necklace, where did you get it from? good taste in stuff.

  13. extremecheerleader15 says:

    i know you said that you got your shoe organizer( for your flip flops and sandals) from walmart or target but do you know what their called because i would like to get them i just could not find them

  14. andreitanaj says:

    Those blue pumps look EXACTLY like the ones Carrie wears on to her wedding on sex and the city the movie!!

  15. MsObscurum says:

    you can't summarises why your making this video?

  16. MsLingLingHo says:

    I love your closet =) Too bad we don't have the Container Store in Vancouver =( Keep up the great work!!!!

  17. TheMeMeChloe says:

    woow that it like the size of my bedroom

  18. sasha12346 says:

    Great tips!, great videos! xx

  19. ShoutHoney says:

    it's bad luck to put a purse on the floor, js. lol

  20. Nefferello says:

    This is way too neat. Where are your sweaters? I guess its much colder in Chicago than Atlanta :P.

  21. YohAshlee says:

    This is my dream closet. Im very jealous... at my boyfriend's house I dont have a closet and have to rely on racks and dressers... I hate it 🙁

  22. thomastanphan says:

    I like The Container Store too for ideas for your closet. Check out StyleGrabber's Closet App on Facebook too. Mixing and matching from your computer beats rummaging through your closet that you just organized. You can even share your closet with your friends to get ideas for new outfits.

  23. DominiqueMiner says:

    u r so lucky bcuz it's kind of a walk in closet

  24. songbirdsongstress25 says:

    nice closet

  25. jennifermassey1 says:

    U is so bless to have all that!!!! Im gettin there;)

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