I have a 6' reach in closet that has just a shelf and a bar going from one side to the other, but this is a waste of space for me. I want something with shelves to put bags on and maybe something for shoes as well. Would one of the Closetmaid wire organizers (suitable for a 6' closet) be a good value for me to buy or are they a waste of money? I can't tell if they'd be sturdy or just junk and I can't find any reviews online. I'm also looking at the Closetmaid laminate tower starter kit and Rubbermaid's wire closet kits. What's the best? Thanks.

One Response to Are Closetmaid wire closet organizers sturdy and a good value or are they a waste of money?

  1. DME B says:

    I have them. They are sturdy, and work great!

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