Whether you need a roomy and stylish closet for your home or a compact yet professional storage space for your place of business, you'll need a custom closet design company that specializes in creating professionally planned and uniquely designed closets that make the most of the space provided. Closets etc. is your one stop for all of your custom closet design needs.By offering exceptional design quality alongside superior customer service, Closets etc. have become one of the leading closet design companies across their service area, which includes Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Their design process begins with a one on one consultation with one of the Closets etc. experts who will examine your closet space and speak with you about your requirements in terms of design, aesthetics and price range. The design experts at Closets etc. are trained to understand the unique characteristics of each closet space, including those uneven ceilings, bowed walls or vents, so that they can use the parameters of the space to create a custom closet design solution that delivers both aesthetics and functionality. In addition, because of the expertise gained over decades of working with consumers, builders and developers alike, the Closets etc. installation teams are able to provide a precisely measured solution for your closet. All specifications are created and installed to within one sixteenth of an inch to offer a more accurate fit than many of their competitors. Once you receive your estimate, you'll be overjoyed at how affordable the company's rates are compared to other custom closet design companies in the area. The company is not a franchise, but locally owned and operated for more than twenty years.One of the most popular materials in the Closets etc. catalogue is melamine. The product's popularity is due to its combination of weight, strength and durability as well as the fact that it's extremely easy to clean. Melamine is less costly to manufacture than traditional wood and it comes in a wide variety of finishes. To ensure that their customers receive only the best materials on offer, all Closets etc. melamine and wood veneers are three quarters of an inch thick, which is the highest industry standard. In addition, the company offers their clientele custom hardwood design in any colour or finish for that refined clean look fitted exactly to your needs. To complement their wide choice of materials and broad experience in design, each one of their custom closet designs can be accented by a large variety of door designs, drawer designs, crown mouldings and baseboards to offer the perfectly integrated closet for your home or business. With Closets etc., you can have the utmost confidence in their work, because they provide a warranty on their exceptional custom design closets that covers you for as long as you live in your home. So why wait? Go to Closets etc. now for an affordable closet design solution that offers the company's trademark fusion of affordability, style and functionality.About Closets etc:Created in 1987, Closets etc. has served Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts with expertly crafted closet design solutions for over two decades. As a privately owned company, they have an exceptional adherence to top quality customer service and routinely receive full marks in customer service ratings from their loyal clientele. For more information about the company, please go to closets-etc.

Closets etc. is your source of high quality custom designs at affordable prices. We have been providing storage solutions to customers in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts for over 20 years. For more information visit www.closets-etc.com.


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