If you had no restrictions on size or budget, how would your closet look and/or how would you organize your closet?


3 Responses to What do you feel are the key needs in closet design?

  1. littleone says:

    Don't just generalize your closet with a hanger rack. Block off one end with shelves so you can put your bulky sweatshirts and/or sweaters. Then across the bottom have another shelf so you can have two rows for your shoes and of course the shelf on top for any extra's you may have.

  2. chillin says:

    I think I would have a bank of drawers in the center with a smaller top drawer for jewelry with cubicles above for your shoes. Then on one side of the bank, I would put shelves for sweaters and purses or any boxed items. Then on the other side, I would put two rods for double hang (hanging blouses, shirts, or pants). I would use all wooden or smaller felt hangers. Hopefully the height of your closet will have enough room on the top for items that you do not use often. If you have room on another wall, I would add whatever combination for your needs. Something for long hanging items, like dresses, robes, etc. Add a slide out with hooks on it to the inside of the end wall for belts and if you need something for ties, you could add on another end.

    Try to take an inventory of what you have. Measure the width of your short items and the long items and configure the closet to accommodate everything. The end panels should have holes drilled to adjust the height of the rods and shelves.

    You can use white to give a lighter look or if your closet is larger, you could use a wood. If it is very large, I would put an island in the center with drawers if there was enough room for them to pull out or shelves so that you have a place to lay out your clothes. Make sure to have good general lighting. That would be my ideal closet. I might even repeat the same configuration on the other wall or just use additional shelves, since you may not have room to pull out drawers. If you did, I might even add a mirror above the bank of drawers.

  3. redrosefading says:

    See thru storage drawers for shoes and purses. Nothing makes a closet look more cluttered than shoes strewn all over the floor and purses thrown in heaps on the top shelf. Should also have high, wide built in shelves for folded items like sweaters and other knits. All else can go on hangers including belts which can be slipped over the curved part of hanger top by the buckle.

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