Who doesn't dream of having a custom closet designed specifically for them? Now, your dream can become a reality with Closets Etc. custom closet design.It has never been easier or more affordable to have a custom closet design made just for you. Closets Etc. can show you how you can achieve total organization and have everything at your fingertips whenever you need it. Their custom closet design experts have been serving New England since 1987, helping homeowners make use of every inch of available space in their homes. Whether it's a custom closet design for a bedroom, or a custom closet design for a kitchen or hallway pantry, they can help put it all together, giving you more space than you ever thought possible.The custom closet design process starts with a consultation from one of Closets Etc.'s experienced design experts. Their creative and highly skilled designers have years of experience transforming under-utilized closet space into custom closet designs that can accommodate all your year-round clothing, avoiding the need for swapping out and storing summer items and bulky winter sweaters and coats. With a custom closet design from Closets Etc., you'll have ample room to store all your clothing and accessories, without taking up valuable space in other areas of your home to store off-season items when they are not in use. The combination of racks, drawers and shelving will give you the ability to organize, but also the ability to find items when you need them, not wasting precious time hunting for what you're looking for. A custom closet design from Closets Etc. is engineered to fit your unique space, and expertly put together by their professional installers, who are trained to take the odd spaces and angles of older homes into consideration, giving you the custom closet design that makes effective use of every inch of space.You would think a custom closet design would be a great expense; not when you deal with Closets Etc. Their local, independent ownership gives them the ability to offer custom closet design for less than you would expect to pay. In fact, their custom closet design quotes are significantly less than other franchised companies, because there are no hidden costs passed on to the customer. You get the same high-quality materials, along with expert planning and design advice; the only difference with Closets Etc. is the price. Remodelling is an expensive enough proposition, and custom closet design is one aspect that will not only save you money, it will add value, and valuable space to your home.For more information, please visit Closet Etc.'s web site at www.closets-etc.com. There, you'll find an impressive design gallery featuring drastic transformations that took the most difficult spaces and turned them into valuable storage areas. You can also read client testimonials, giving praise to  Closets Etc. and their talented, experienced design consultants. You, too, can transform that overstuffed closet into an organized efficient, space that will add value and functionality to your home.

Closets etc. is your source of high quality custom designs at affordable prices. We have been providing storage solutions to customers in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts for over 20 years. For more information visit www.closets-etc.com.


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